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Our Shephard

Dr. James P. Norman Jr. PhD.



Born James Phillip Norman, Jr. on January 6, 1944, a native of Monroe, Louisiana, Dr. Norman is Pastor and Founder of Artesian Well Church, a thriving ministry in the beautiful city of Long Beach, CA. He has taught the Uncompromising Word of God in this local body for 30 years and has been in the Ministry for well over 40 years.


Dr. Norman received Christ and was filled with the gift of the Holy Spirit at Apostolic Faith Home Assembly in 1972 under the Pastorate of the late Bishop F.R. Bowden. Bishop Bowden played a key roll in Dr. Norman’s Spiritual life as well as his study of the Word of God. Dr. Norman attended Aenon Bible College West Coast and was ordained in 1974. He states firmly “The life and leadership of Bishop Bowden, other Ministers, Teachers and Saints of Home Assembly helped make me who I am today. I will never forget the strong roots and the way of Holiness which was and is imparted into my life.” 


Dr. Norman met his beautiful wife, Kathleen Markham at Enterprise Junior High School in Compton, CA. They were joined together in Holy Matrimony on March 2, 1963. They are the proud parents of four children and nine grandchildren; James, wife Jutta, children Elisabeth and Christina, Lisa, husband Terry Caleb, children Maia and Brandon; Bruce, wife Elizabeth, children Miles, Phillip and Ella and Anthony Sr., wife Te’nise, children Jesica and Anthony Jr.



After starting Artesian Well Church (Artesia Christian Assembly), in their living room October 1979, Dr. Norman submitted their Pastorate to the ministry of the late Dr. Floyd C. Miller of Los Angeles Christian Center. A firm believer in sound education to perfect your craft, Dr. Norman holds various degrees in higher education such as:



· Hebrew & Greek, Bachelors of Science in Theology

· Bachelors of Arts in Sociology/Psychology

· Masters of Science, Counseling, Ph.D.

· Masters of Counseling/Psychology

· Honorary Doctorate of Divinity

· Doctorate of Christian Counseling


A few of Dr. Norman’s civic and social accomplishments include: service as a Long Beach Reserved Police Officer, Cultural Diversity Instructor for the Police Academy, Board of Chaplains for the Long Beach Police Department, member of the Chief of Police Advisory Board, founding member and former President of Ministers Alliance Long Beach Chapter, ongoing work with the Long Beach Unified School District on varied youth activities, currently Vice Chair on the Board of Directors for the Long Beach Transit, various education and intervention programs, Dean of Students Avalon Schools System on Catalina Island and Founder and Principal of Artesian Well Preparatory Academy.

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